Where do you want to GoTonight in Twin Falls?

This project was completed 2 years ago but I just wasn’t ready or thought others would not find it useful. After friends and family encouraged me I finally decided to take the plunge and just get it online.
This idea grew out of my frustration when trying to determine who/where had live music/dancing in the Twin Falls area. As my friends and I were trying to plan an evening we are all frantically searching our phones on numerous local Facebook accounts hoping the venue even added their entertainment in the Events section, sometimes we were successful but sometimes no so much. I kept saying I wish there was one place to go that has all the local events particularly live music! I finally decided just to create it myself.
I also wondered if I included access to venues and artists would they too add their events thus reaching even more people and many more events posting. So a couple years ago I researched what other growing communities were doing and from that work GoTonight Twin Falls was born. My goal is to start with the website and a social media presence. Next steps will be giving access to other for posting and development of a convenient app that users can download and easily access where they can “Go Tonight” even quicker.
The one thing that became very obvious to me when I started adding events and venues was there is a LOT going on in Twin Falls! More than I even imagined so my calendar grew quickly. I hope it helps you find things to do that maybe don’t get as much notice. I have included categories such as, Live Music, Performing Arts, Theatre, Symphony, Educational shows/presentations, Comedy and so much more! Due to all the arts we have in our community I expanded the site to include Kid Friendly events as well.
For now its baby steps! Thanks for helping me on my journey with this project.
I hope you find the information helpful and it assists in your search for where you want to GoTonight!